Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yesterday I decided to rediscover the local library. I signed myself up for a library card and headed to the knitting section. My goal was to find a book I had been eyeing online (Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles) and maybe whip up a pair of socks this break. They didn't have that book, but I checked out two others. Wendy Knits, which is more of a humor novel and Speed Knitting, which has patterns that are super quick. I have picked a few of the projects out of Speed Knitting to whip up and wear to Sock Summit so that I look like a Knitter. I swear I knit. You may not be able to tell by what I wear, or coming to my house, but that is because most of knitted items become gifts and are not in my home. But I do knit, and since I would like to look like I knit, I'm going to knit myself a few items. The book swears they can be knit in a day, so I can probably get them done in a week. I have a shirt/dress picked out (a long shirt. Could be worn over leggings if it were warm) to try first. Then maybe a sexy little tank top. That will probably not be worn in public, as I am pretty modest, but it might be fun to wear in the house.

I also got my copy of Interweave Knits in the mail today. That made my dentist appointment a bit more bearable. Sitting around feeling like you have been punched isn't much fun, but at least I got to read and drool (literally at some points!) over beautiful knitting. I chose three projects out of there that I want to knit. There is a pink cardigan, some lacy socks/leggings (I have to have these done for the sock hop!), and a tunic style top. W said the tunic is his least favorite. Not surprising since it was my favorite. He is more into classic items, and the tunic is a bit too trendy for him.

We have been painting the kitchen the past two days. I say we very loosely. Last night I painted behind the stove and the fridge. I thought I was doing a good job of looking busy and getting my task done. That is until W mentioned to me while we were getting ready for bed that "You did everything possible to avoid painting. You were letting the dogs in and out, filled up their water bowl, played on the internet, anything but paint." Oops. It was true though. I hate painting. It is mind numbing. I told him I felt like I was getting nowhere and was bored. "Of course you were getting nowhere you stopped painting every five strokes." HA! Luckily, my husband is very understanding of my nature and didn't care, he just found it amusing how much I avoided work. He is now finishing the kitchen without my help. I feel a tad bad, but with my traumatic dentist experience today, I don't care too much. I have suffered enough for one day without having to paint.

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