Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh, Alaska

I woke up at around midnight. Some of our friends had called Weston and Josh to let us know that "the volcano was erupting and they were at the gas station raiding all the fun-yuns". Wow. Glad I woke up for that! :) Actually, it was quite amusing, and I fall asleep REALLY easily (W always makes fun of my narcoleptic ways) so it was not a big deal.

Oh, yeah, the volcano.

So Mt. Redoubt has been at level orange for a while. Then it was downgraded to yellow, then all of a sudden BOOM! It was erupting and it was at level red. And since then it has been erupting like crazy. Probably because of these tough economic times. The volcano thought it would help out.....

But, we are Alaskans, and not even a measly VOLCANO ERUPTION was going to stop us. Oh, no. We went to school. We went on a field trip to the zoo (tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill) and learned about how oil is still on the beaches today, and how the animals haven't yet recovered. It was really interesting, and informative. Also stressful. Planning and executing a field trip for 120 7th graders is a lot of work. And I was constantly worried that we would leave one behind. But everyone made it home and safe.

On to other news. It was my birthday this past Saturday, and I had a great time! W shaved his beard for my birthday which was probably he best gift ever. I also bought my knitting machine. I played with it a bit last night, and it will take some more learning, but I think it is going to work out! Big summer plans. I only have to make it until May 22nd.....

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