Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why I love small business...

I love to shop local, and do so whenever I can. Today, I went food shopping (at Natural Pantry, my new favorite place to shop) and then picked up pizza at Great AK Pizza Co. I called in the pizza on my way and then about 5 mins later they called me back. Weird. Except it was the manager calling to let me know that two large pizzas would cost me less than the two mediums I ordered, so he was going to make me two larges if that was ok. OK? Sure! I love paying less and getting more. AND, the fact that he called me to let me know that... awesome. I don't think Pizza Hut would do that.

Some other random things. Does anyone else think the new NBC show "Losing it with Jillian" make it sound like the people on the show are going to go crazy, not lose weight?

I made two lasagnas tonight and a nacho dip... whew! The nacho dip is for season finale Office party tomorrow. One of the lasagnas is for Friday's dinner (W's late birthday dinner) and the other is in the freezer for later.

I am officially in need of new clothes. I have been wearing my pants unbuttoned with a special stretchy band thing to hold them up, but I would like some clothes that fit now... I'm planning on going out to a used maternity store in ER tomorrow after work or Friday, depending on how I feel. Another local business... :)

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