Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A weird, random list

I'm cleaning my sewing room (which is a chronic state for me... why I can not just keep it clean is something I struggle with every time I have to do this... but that is a whole other post...) and I have found some things that are making me very annoyed... here is a list.

1. The quilt backs for two baby quilts that I was looking for. If you follow me on twitter, you will maybe remember about two weeks ago I was frantically looking for the backs of these baby quilts. I looked in the box the quilt top was stored in, the bag my quilt backs are stored in, all my drawers of fabric... nothing. I had to buy a new back. Annoying. So today, it decides to show up. In this stupid basket.... ugh.

2. The canoe block for W's quilt. When packing for quilt retreat, I KNEW I had done that block. I looked everywhere for it (which is one of the reasons the room is in the state that it is in) and could not find it. So, I thought I just dreamed that I made it... until today... when it was in that same stupid basket. Good news: I'm not losing my mind. Bad news: Apparently this basket is evil.

Well, I guess that is all that I've found that has annoyed me... two things. Not too bad, I guess. But still... on a more positive note, here is a random list of things I accomplished today:

1. Cleaned the fridge. Wiped everything, organized, and dumped food that was bad. It was driving me crazy, and now its done. Now, the fridge looks a lot better, I can find things easier, and I know what there is to eat with just a glance.
2. Cleaned the oven. Wiped the inside and the outside. This wasn't as annoying to me, but I had to clean the pizza stone (I made cookies last night) so I figured a quick wipe wouldn't hurt.
3. Made ice cream. Well, it's cooling and will be put into the ice cream maker tomorrow, but that doesn't require any work, so I'm counting it as something I did today.
4. Made tacos for dinner. With grass-fed beef from Natural Pantry. (Which, PS, is going to be my new go to shopping place. Their organic produce is WAY cheaper than Carr's plus, it's a local place, and the only place I've been able to find grass-fed beef... I'm pretty excited)
5. Unloaded the dishwasher. Not a huge deal, but most days I just THINK about doing this. :)
6. Did two loads of laundry. And I even plan on putting them away before I head to bed.

Whew! So, I guess overall today was pretty productive despite my minor set backs in my room. I am heading back to the room and the evil basket now. I have to keep digging to see what else it has eaten...

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