Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Weekend

W took today off and headed to McCarthy, AK for the weekend. He will be back Monday afternoon. I am home with the pups, and working every day. Which is fine! I actually don't mind being home alone most of the time... I have already picked up the house a bit and I'm now planning to eat dinner (mac and cheese! something that W doesn't enjoy but I DO... probably too much) and perhaps get some spinning or knitting done... the posiblities are endless! And I can watch terrible TV, go to bed at 8 (or 12!), do whatever I want. It's pretty nice. But, I think 3 nights is about when the fun will end and I will be ready for him to come back home. I know the dogs miss him. They will just lay around and pout probably. I walk them before I go to work and when I get home, which helps... but they are still just so pouty. I guess I'm just not as much fun as W!

If you are out enjoying your long weekend, please be safe! Always wear your seatbelt and a helmet! (I haven't blogged about it, but I have a HUGE problem with people who don't wear bike helmets. Maybe one day I will get around to it) And if you are in AK, please make sure to keep your fires under control. The fire danger is a bit out of control right now. Although in Anchorage, it looks like it might be thinking about raining... just like AK to have a nice long weekend and crappy weather. :)

Alright, off to go boil my water. Is it weird that I am already excited about that?

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