Monday, May 17, 2010

Quick Monday Post

It's Monday! Not that I'm excited about that... I have such a weird work schedule that weekends aren't much different for me most of the time, except that W doesn't get up. But... anyway... in my cleaning madness this morning I cleaned out my bathroom drawer. I have two drawers in the bathroom, one for my hair dyer and brush and stuff, the other for everything else. The everything else drawer was out of control. So I tamed it.

I also received an awesome package from Knit Picks today. I ordered yarn to make a sleep sack for the little one, and two kits to knit some different toys. I'm pretty excited about all of it.  I'm almost done with the coming home outfit for baby. Just the sleeves and one leg and I will be done. There is a decent chance I might get it done tonight if I stay off of the computer. :)

That is really all I had to say. Just a quick check in to tell you I'm still knitting, and still cleaning. I hate to say it, but it really needs to rain.... my allergies are going crazy and I'm sick and tired of it... the rain could help wash the pollen off of everything and turn everything super green! Tomorrow is W's birthday so he is taking the day off. I am making him lasagna later this week as his birthday dinner... I'm nice like that. :)

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