Friday, May 21, 2010

Clothes Shopping

I hate shopping for clothes. I have a hard time finding things that fit me because I am tall, thin, and have very small boobs and not much of a butt. None of these things have changed with the baby, so clothes shopping yesterday was still a pain. The clothes looked like I was wearing a bag, or playing dress up. Ugh. Very annoying. I wound up with one pair of black capri dress pants which actually fit me really well.

On a side note, the store that I went to was wonderful! Such a cute little place. They carried a lot of locally made clothes both for pregnant women and little babies. Very cute stuff. They also sold a variety of cloth diapers, so it was fun to get my hands on some and play with them.

So today I am going to try shopping again. I have a new plan... I'm not going to look at maternity clothes, I'm just going to buy bigger regular clothes. I think it will be easier for me to find things that will fit and have flattering cuts that way. Apparently the only thing that looks flattering on a pregnant woman is a v-neck and that does NOT look good on me at all. I can't believe I didn't think of this before!

I have a quilt class tonight. I'm really excited about it. Here is a link to the quilt I am making. It is hard to see on the website, but the center is all hand embroidered blocks of snowmen doing fun things. It is VERY cute! Mine is going to be done in all blues, because while I do love red (esp. red shoes!) my house isn't red. And, not that I'm into matching the things I make to my house, I just felt like blue was more "me". I've never done hand embroidery before, so I just had to jump in like a crazy person!

Another thing I am excited about this weekend is planting my veggies! Some of my starters have survived and I'm going to plant them and then head to the greenhouse to pick up some more. AND the movie Babies is at Bear's Tooth, so I am planning on heading to see that as well.  Whew! I have a pretty packed next couple of days! :) I hope everyone has a great weekend, it is BEAUTIFUL here!

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