Monday, November 16, 2009

Twilight Zone

Does anyone else ever have days that are just weird?? You don't know what made it weird... maybe it was the shirt you wore, or the way you tied your shoes... but the day was just off. Today was kind of a weird day.  I went to work at 10 (which I was almost late because my car did not want to unplug... it was so cold it was practically frozen... when I left my house it was -1*F) and it was super quiet.  Not much going on at work.  Helped a few people, cut some fabric, dreamed of making quilts... the usual. Then a lady came in and said she had received a message that her knitting class was cancelled. What class? Beginning Knitting. Why? The teacher was sick. Well, I'm standing there, dumbfounded because I am the teacher, and I'm clearly not sick... so she thinks that her husband took the message wrong and it was a class at another shop... but it was still weird.

Then later a lady checking out said to me, "You're Sally Henderson"... well, yes, I am (was, maiden name).  She was the mom of a friend I had in 6th grade.  I am very awkward in these situations.  I don't really know what the other person "wants" out of the talk... so I said how I stayed in AK and never left... married, have a house, never leaving.  Apparently her daughter is married and lives in TX now.  I guess I wasn't as awkward as I could have been.  I am just so bad at small talk. I'm the worst person to have at a party (unless I've had a glass or two of wine) that I don't know people at. I'm so socially weird.

Good thing I knit... I will always have something to talk about!

Speaking of knitting, my cowl is coming along quite nicely.  I'm almost to the second cable cross. I will then measure it and see how much further I have to knit. I really like it and I'm hoping that blocking will hide some of my problems (the edges of where I move from seed stitch to rib are a bit wonky)...

My dad's hat is almost done. I'm on the crown decreases and moving right along. If I didn't have to teach class tonight, I would definitely be finishing that up.  I still have some socks that I am hoping to finish by XMas and a few smaller quilts as well. I still have 5 weeks.  Never mind that some of these projects aren't even started.....

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