Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday

So how many of you brave the retail world for Black Friday?? I always do... I'm crazy. I get up at 4am, wait in line, etc. etc.  I normally have one "big" item that I need to get on Black Friday.  This year, I don't really have too much on my "need" list, as I actually already have most of my holiday shopping done. So I will just be on the lookout for great deals on things that I might want, such as some new clothes and DVDs. W teases me that Black Friday is my favorite holiday, next to my birthday....

Still puppy sitting.  The second night went well.  I think he was so tired from not sleeping the previous night that he went right to sleep.  Last night, he whined for about 45 mins before finally conking out. He gets up earlier than my other dogs, which is a pain. I don't like being up at 7am if I don't need to be.

I'm working on a new quilt (surprise!) with a teacher friend from school. We are making a few different quilts, all using the same fabric.  We spent all day Sunday ironing and cutting the fabric.  So far I have 12/75 blocks done for the first two quilts. The blocks are buggy barn stars, so they go together really quickly (no seams to match...) but because the blocks aren't just two colors (like normal) I have to lay each one out before I sew it so it is taking longer than normal. They look pretty amazing though.

I also still have a few sewing projects to complete for Christmas. I would post about them, but I have a sneaking suspicion that would ruin the surprise for the recipients. :)

Having the house to myself for the past few days has been kind of nice... I am allowed to leave fabric, ironing boards, yarn, etc, all over the house.  One BIG downside is I have to do all of my own cooking.  That is tough.  W is very good at coming up with meals. Me, I'm good at cooking mac and cheese. And, as much as I love mac and cheese, I can not wait for W to come home Friday night!!

Alright, back to doing more productive things.  Sorry for the random post.... I will try to be more coherent later. :)

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