Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Wrap Up.

It is November... Halloween is officially over. So I figured I should post a few pictures of the party we had.   I am only posting pictures of the food, as there aren't very many (or any...) good pictures of the people there. Apparently the person in charge of the camera was a bit tipsy...

This is a picture of the food that I made.  There was taco dip, cinnamon crisps, pigs in a blanket (not pictured), and the highlight of the party, the sea monster sandwich.

It wound up being a pretty fun party. We hung out at the house and gave out candy to the few trick-or-treaters that came by and then walked to go neon bowling.  W and I didn't stay at the bowling alley too long, as he decided that he was going to walk home because he didn't feel well.  He was convinced that he could do it alone, but I went with him.  On the way home, W called our good buddy J probably 3 different times, telling him how scared he was and that he didn't know where he was.... J thought it was funny to tell W that Snickers turned into a zombie... it was quite a walk. Luckily, we all made it home safely, and there were no dog zombies waiting for us.

Poor Snickers though... he hurt one of the nails on his right paw pretty badly (not really too sure what happened, we trimmed his nails, and accidently clipped one too far, but it wasn't this one...) and now is hobbling around on 3 legs. Yesterday he was just limping, and I thought he was being a baby about the claw we trimmed too closely (which was his dew claw, so not really too relevant to his walking)... then this morning I saw he had another injured nail and I felt bad for calling him a baby. I tried to take him walking today and he made it to the corner before he laid down and couldn't go any further.  Luckily, I was able to coax him home and now he is laying on the couch... I made him some beef rice for lunch. I feel bad for him. He can't do anything like he is used to doing. I hope he heals soon!!

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