Monday, June 22, 2009

Tags and Packages

I read a lot of blogs. I have noticed that other people "tag" their blog postings. It is fairly easy to do, just type some words into a little box at the bottom and you're done. I don't tag my postings... I don't really know what the tags are used for. Well, ok, not entirely true. I understand they are for sorting purposes. I guess I just am not sure that readers use them. As a reader of many blogs, I have not used tags for any reason. The whole point here is that if you have an opinion on tagging, let me know. I would be more than happy to tag my postings if readers feel there is a reason for it.

Moving on...

I promised to post about the packages I have received in the mail lately, so here we go. First up is the mystery package from my loving husband. He told me one day that he ordered me something on the internet and if it comes, I am not allowed to open it. So the mystery begins. All week I was trying to get him to tell me what it was, but he is very good at keeping secrets. Then on Friday the package came. He opened it and left the contents on the counter for me to find. It was a package of five or six t-shirts that he bought for the two of us. He is funny. Here is a picture of three of them. I wore my Shrute Farms Beets shirt to work on Sat. I thought it was funny. The dinosaur one is my absolute favorite, but W had claimed that for himself. I might have to get him to order me one too. We are both obsessed with dinosaurs. There is also a shirt that says, "That's what she said"... our favorite joke. :) Can you tell that we only watch TV on one night?? And that The Office is our favorite show??

The other package was from Platformnine Designs. I had ordered some roving to spin and was super excited to get it in the mail. The two bigger braids are mill ends and the small braid is corridale. They are all so pretty and squishy. I can't wait to make them into yarn. I just looked and there is another braid of the Indigo Moon available (which is the one with touches of purple in it)... so if no one beats me to it, that may be coming to my house as well.

The mail hasn't come yet today, but I am always hoping for more packages! Also, over the weekend W has decided that we are going to eat super healthy now. No more twinkies for me. (Which, honestly, I know is good for me... but I'm still really sad about it) We went to Costco and stocked up on fruits and veggies and we joined the Full Circle Farms CSA and will be getting a food box every other week, starting next week. I'm pretty excited. I think it will be fun for us to try and use things that we normally wouldn't buy and get to cook more. W is really good at pulling together a meal when I think there is nothing to eat. I hope to learn that skill. And we bought a Kitchen Aid blender while at Costco, so now I can make smoothies!! Yum!

And if you haven't entered the contest on the Northern Lights Fiber Co blog, you better do that! You have one more day to enter to win a full sized skein of wonderfully soft yarn!!

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leah said...

I use tags for my self so I get an idea of things I've talked about and maybe one day to sort them. I just figured that if I ever decided to use them seriously, I would not want to have to go back through all my old posts to tag them. Just a thought.

And, wow, what pretty things you will be spinning!