Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dog Pool

So I bought the dogs a doggie pool last night because it was SO darn hot. It is one of those hard plastic little kid pools with pictures on it. Frito had one when we lived in WA and while he does not lay in them, I think he appreciated being able to dip his feet and wonder around in it. I would put ice cubes in it and he would bob them out like apples. Fun times for everyone.

I figured the fun would only be multiplied since we have to dogs now. Snickers isn't as afraid of water as Frito is, so I expected a lot of dog antics.

Instead, today it was overcast and completely gross outside. I don't blame the dogs for wanting to sleep all day, because that is all I wanted to do too.

So hopefully I will have more to report on the doggie pool later. For now, we are all hanging out in bed surfing Etsy and other fun websites.

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