Monday, June 29, 2009

A Costco Conversation

The other day I was at Costco (big surprise!) and I shared a table with an elderly couple as I enjoyed a slice of pizza. This was right after the story about the governor going to Argentina to hang out with his mistress broke. They were discussing how crazy that was and also how so and so (the "leader" in the republican run for president in 2012) must be excited because this governor was also a leader in the election. (Which all of this is amazing to me, because how can you be ahead in a race that hasn't even started... ?!?) (Also, sorry I don't know all these names... I have lost interest in politics for the moment... not watching the news has also helped my ignorance) Then they said something I almost laughed out loud at. They mentioned that if the republican party decided to choose Sarah (I assume Palin, we are in AK) to run, they wouldn't be able to dig up any dirt on her and she would be a good solid choice.


Now ignoring the second half of the comment, as I am not going to judge if she would be a "good solid choice" for president... but not being able to dig up any dirt? REALLY?!? You mean because she already digs it all up herself? And makes sure she causes enough waves every day to be in the national, or at least local, spotlight? Every day that J was still here he would read the newspaper online and would be flabbergasted at how SP made it into the news that day. It was quite amusing to me to see him get so worked up.

Anyway, I just found that amusing. I love to hear people talk about things. People are fascinating. I decided to turn on the Today show this morning... it is all about Michael Jackson. Every time I turn on the TV I just get disappointed and remember why it stays off (or only playing DVDs... I see Seinfield in my near future.) most of the time.

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