Monday, June 1, 2009


The new heading picture is from my drive to Canada in 2007. I just thought the heading needed a change. I tried to find a picture that featured Snickers, but he just does not hold still for pictures like Frito does.

Today was my first day at work at the Quilt Tree. It started out a bit rough...there was some confusion on what time I was supposed to be there, so I RUSHED to work. But, no one was upset, so no big deal! The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. I learned the computer pretty quickly, and it was only a bit of a pain to have only one computer working. Apparently good weather is bad news for a quilt shop because people want to be OUTSIDE not quilting. Which I kind of get, but after my dog park adventure yesterday (tell you about that in a second...) I was pretty happy to be inside for a while.

Soo...the dog park. We like to do something fun for the dogs on the weekend, and this weekend we decided to take them to the dog park. I normally really enjoy taking them to the dog park. They get to run around and visit with other dogs and it is fun to watch them be so crazy. Yesterday was another story. It was a mosquito HAVEN. Literally, I was COVERED in them. I would slap my neck and kill five. It was ridiculous. And since I am more allergic to mosquitoes than the average person, it became a very uncomfortable situation very quickly. At one point we tried to run back but because I was expecting a nice relaxing stroll, I was wearing my Danskos. The running lead to me tripping over a root and almost breaking my ankle. After that happened twice (I just don't learn) I decided to walk quickly. At one point I asked W if my face had any bites on it and he looked at me and with a concerned laugh told me the left side of my face was incredibly swollen. He has since encouraged me to go see a doctor because he is worried that my reaction is getting worse. I was just glad that this morning my face looked pretty normal. It HURT, but looked normal.

I found out today that I won a blog contest! I was SO excited. I enter a lot of blog contests, but I have never won, so this was really cool for me. I will get to pick my prize, so as soon as I let you know what I am going to get, I will let you know! The blogger, Daniella from Danido Crafty, is actually from Alaska, so I thought it was even COOLER that I won. Her blog is listed in the blog roll on the side bar there, but here is a link as well. She also writes for which is quite the fun website, with TONS of articles about crafting.

I think that is about it. I get my stitches out of my teeth tomorrow. Yea! I'm pretty sure they are going to tell me I have incredible healing powers, since I did so well with the whole thing. :)

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