Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Since it has been over a week since I last posted, you would think I would be swimming in things to post about. But...that is why I have not posted. I have nothing to say.

Last Wednesday we won our softball game, which was really exciting! W wasn't able to play because he hurt his shoulder, but I played and I was AMAZING. I stopped every ball that came at me (I play 2nd base) and even made a few really good plays. I also got a hit almost every time I was at bat (struck out once) and made a run. Basically, if I improve as much every game as I have been, I will be on the Olympic softball team in no time. :)

I have also been working at Quilt Tree. That has been pretty fun. W always tells me to have a good time at "fantasy camp" since it's not really work.

I've also been getting a lot of work done at home. Almost ready to reveal it all on here. W is doing some scanning for me at work (for some reason, our stinking printer won't scan to a mac....LAME)

Snickers decided today to remember how to escape from the yard. Luckily, he now comes when he is called so it hasn't been too much trouble. I think I got it blocked up enough that he can't get out. Frito always tells on him too...I think because Frito is mad that he can't get out and run around with him.

That is really about it. Sorry I've been having such a lazy summer. It has been so relaxing. One of the teachers from my school saw me at Quilt Tree the other day and said that I looked more relaxed than she had ever seen me. Probably because I'm not worried about being sued.... I love my new job!

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leah said...

It's amazing how much that fear of being sued can stress you out even when you're not fully aware of it! :) I'm glad everything is so relaxed for you right now. If all goes well you'll be super busy in the relatively near future, right?!