Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teething Baby

Right Around, Baby
I broke out my spinning wheel last night for the first time in a while.... it felt good to spin! I am still working on the yarn that I am thinking will become a three-ply with two undyed plies... I'm thinking of knitting it into a baby blanket. I saw a pattern on Rav the other day and I'm motivated to finish spinning now!! 

In the Kitchen
I made spaghetti the other day and I'm in the process of making chili for tonight. It is so nice to have some quick, easy meals that we will all eat... and because we still have quite a bit of goat left from Weston's hunt, we are able to have meat! :) I might even get adventurous and make bread to go with the chili if I have everything. 

My poor baby is getting four teeth right now. He is miserable. And that is making me miserable. The past few nights have been kind of rough (he wakes a lot, but is able to put himself back to sleep) but the mornings have been the worst. He just walks around chewing on his hand and screaming.... Poor guy. I did buy some mesh bag things to put frozen foods in for him to chew on. I put blueberries in one and he has been loving that. He has never been into chewing on things, so I'm glad I found something that he enjoys and seems to help...

My dad and I did take Sawyer down to see the Fur Rondy train display Monday morning, which was nice. Sawyer was scared of the old men, but really liked looking at the trains. I wound up having to carry him, since the trains were too high for him to see from the ground.  I had my Boba carrier in the car, but I thought he would like to run around, so I didn't bring it in... oh well, it was my workout. 

Sticks and String
I did finish my Milo! It is blocked and awesome. I have put it on Sawyer and it is so cute! No pictures yet, as he is crabby pants and I don't want to mess with him. Hopefully soon. I cast on for his Sweet Pea cardigan and am slowly plugging away on that. 

We have had a very snowy winter here in Anchorage. It is on track to possibly be one of the snowiest on record. I noticed that our fire hydrant in the front yard hadn't been being dug out like it has in the past. I wasn't sure who was responsible for that, but then the mayor posted on twitter a number to call if you needed your hydrant dug out. (For locals, the number was for AWWU) Weston called, and they came by today. However, the employee came to the door to inform me that "it really wasn't their job" to dig out the hydrants, we as homeowners "should take responsibility so our homes don't burn", my hydrant really "wasn't that bad", and I really "shouldn't have called". Hmm. I have already contacted the mayor to let him know of my interaction with the employee, but seriously. If it really isn't your job, how do you know how bad the other hydrants are? And if he would have just said, yes, we are behind, there is a lot of snow and we would appreciate your help, I would have been fine with it. He was polite, but what he said irked me. 


Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Wow! Terrible service!! Next time call up the local fire station, seven or five and let them know. They will probably be much nicer and I know John has been spending quite a bit of time digging hydrants.

Can't wait to see your Milo!

MadameLoop said...

Sally, the hydrant issue is upsetting. Especially as the Fire Department pays 4.5 mill out of their budget for "hydrant maintenance" to include snow removal. I'm sure the department could find a better use for that money that would benefit the community....

Whitney Harness said...

poor Sawyer :( hope he's feeling better soon!