Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Round-Up

In the Kitchen
This past Thursday, I made brownies from scratch for the second time. They were *amazing*. YUM! I used this recipe.  I made two batches since they were the smaller pans and we had 4 people over for dinner... the second batch I made I used 1 cup of chocolate/peanut butter swirl chips and they were even better. Weston and I both decided those were better.... I have made brownies from scratch one other time and was not very pleased with the outcome. These were super quick, easy, and yummy!

Sticks and String

I am casting off my Milo today, which is exciting! It turned out very cute. I will have to get pictures of it on Sawyer before I gift it. I have big plans on the knitting horizon. Sawyer had a really cute bunny hat last Easter, so I've decided an Easter hat is needed for this year. (All links are Rav links) This year it is going to be a chick hatching out of an egg, which I think will be very cute! I'm also hoping to knit him a polar bear for his Easter basket, as that is his favorite animal right now (he always gets excited when he sees one while watching Monty the Moose and it's always the first and last animal we visit at the zoo)... plus, I'm hoping to have his Sweet Pea coat done in time for break up! I better get cracking on all that. Luckily, I seem to be knitting more at the moment.... 

So we had a *long* week, it seemed like. Weston had cooking class on Monday, grad class on Tuesday, I had to teach on Wednesday, Thursday we had our last swim lesson (which went rather well, considering how terrible the others went), and then Friday Weston went to see a movie... so it has felt like we are passing ships in the night. This weekend we were able to spend some time together. Yesterday morning we met JB downtown for the Rondy pancake breakfast, which was a lot of fun. We spent some time wondering around before eating and saw a lot of people dressed up for the Frostbite Footrace. Some people were very creative with their costumes. We were going to go to the parade, but Sawyer had to get home for his nap (he is getting 4 teeth and not sleeping well...).  Today we went out to see Weston's parent's in Eagle River and we have a birthday party for one of Sawyer's little friends. Exciting stuff! I think this next week is pretty busy too... hopefully we can make it to some more Fur Rondy events!

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