Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sawyer is really sick. Super runny nose. Bad cough. Crabby attitude. His teeth are still bothering him... he's basically falling apart. He has had to sleep with me the past two nights. Sunday night he just slept and it was fine. Last night he was restless, had to have his hands in my hair, and basically drove me nuts. I haven't slept for more than 2 hours straight in the past two days, so I am on edge too. I hope he feels better soon, and I wish there were more I could do for him....

Right Around, Baby
Sawyer did sit with me and do some spinning yesterday! He was quite intrigued by the motions and was very good about not touching too many things. It was really nice. Of course, it only happened because he was sick, but I will take the little moments like that where I can get them. 

Sticks and String
I finished the first cable repeat of Sawyer's Sweet Pea cardigan last night. It looks pretty awesome! I should measure it, but I think I have to do at least 4 more repeats....

Ok. Back to caring for my sick child. Which involves lots of reading and cuddling. I do wish that he would let me read more than two different books all day.....

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