Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Hat!

In the Kitchen
My mortgage guy sends out a quarterly newsletter, which often has recipes. (Strange, yes, but he is a nice guy and I always enjoy getting them. He is pretty funny...) There was a recipe for pumpkin bread about a year ago that I have been meaning to try and finally got around to making this past week. It was delicious. Which was lucky, since I had doubled the recipe and made 12 loaves! HA! But, they were gone in a week (Weston took four to work, I took two to knitting class, and we ate the other six at home) and I was busy mixing up another batch tonight. 

You can check out what Sawyer has been up to on his blog... he has been busy helping me make his Easter cards, pumpkin bread (and cupcakes!) and just being cute. 

Sticks and String
And, now, what we have all been waiting for!! The reveal of Sawyer's Easter hat! He thought it was a fun game to rip the hat off right as I was taking the picture, so this is the best one I have. Check his blog later this week for outtakes from the picture shoot... there are some good ones!

The hat isn't from a pattern, it is based on one that I have seen on Rav, but I knew I could just figure out the math and do it on my own, so that is what I did! It fits Sawyer perfectly, so hopefully he will wear it when we go hunting for eggs soon. I'm still plugging away on his Sweet Pea sweater. His polar bear hasn't been started, so it probably won't be an Easter gift, as I have to knit a class sample that is due April 1st as well. I will be posting later during the weekend about my birthday, and I have a lot to share about that! I had a wonderful birthday week! Have a great weekend... I'm going to be at a weaving class all day tomorrow! EXCITING!

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Liz said...

Cutest hat ever! Love it, Sally :) Wish I had more patience for knitting hats ;-)