Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I am wearing my new PJ pants (win) but they are apparently a magnet for dog hair. (lose)

I made Sawyer breakfast (oatmeal, and an egg white and cheese omelet, win) I dropped my plate and omelet on the floor (lose)

Sawyer and I wrapped presents today (win) You can see pictures on his blog (win)

I had my pie class last night and it was AWESOME! We made mini chicken pot pie and apple pie. YUM! I think I see many mini pies in my future. They are just so cute! And you can make them and freeze them for dinner in a pinch.... (WIN!)

Overall, the day is going great. Let's hope that trend continues. I was a little worried when I dropped my omelet... I kept thinking, "Tuesday, you are starting to look a lot like Monday. And no one likes Monday."

Alright, off to cut out some project bags for a friend and then errands with Sawyer.

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Miss Julep said...

Looks like you had more wins than losses so perhaps it was a good day afterall:)