Friday, December 16, 2011

How is it Friday?

Oh, Friday. You are probably the most loved day of the week. (Well, my favorite day is Thursday, but I'm weird...) How did you get here so quickly?!

I gave my mom her messenger bag. She loved it. I loved it. She showed it off at work. I got a few messages saying others thought the bag was great! Made my day. You know what I forgot? PICTURES. Epic fail. Luckily, my mom lives close.... so when she gets back from her trip, I will try and remember to snap a few pictures of the awesomeness that is her new bag.

We had Weston's parents and sister over for dinner last night. That is always exciting. We decided not to exchange gifts with them, as we are all on a budget... Somehow, we still wound up with quite a few presents! I guess we were the only ones who took that suggestion seriously.... ooops. Sawyer received two new books and a Monty the Moose DVD (which I was super excited about, I used to watch those DVDs all the time growing up and have all the songs memorized...). He loves the books, and was interested in the DVD for about 15 mins, mostly he likes the songs... I scored some Smart Wool socks, a new scarf, and a cool holder for wine corks. Weston got a gorgeous framed painting of his favorite place in Alaska, McCarthy. All in all, it was a wonderful night.

We have a Christmas party to go to tomorrow night, and then it is time to RELAX! We have been so busy this week since everyone is leaving this weekend that I am tired.... I taught my last knitting class of the year on Wednesday, so I really have nothing left to do... (well, that's not true.... I still have a lot to do. But, I feel like I might actually have time to get them done now)

Alright, Sawyer is still sleeping (napping rather, don't think the kid ever has slept past 6:45 in his life) so I better get cracking on a few things.... enjoy the weekend!

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