Thursday, December 22, 2011

Knitmore Girls

I listen to the Knitmore Girls podcast, which I love.... Jasmin (the daughter) is pregnant and she just got put on "modified bed rest" so listening to her talk about that is a little funny. When I was on bed rest, I listened to every episode of the Knitmore Girls podcast that I missed (which was a lot, I found them late in the game)... I joked that Baby would know their voices more than my own.  Jasmin said she had this "romantic view of bed rest and this was not it". HA! Don't I know it. Everyone kept telling me, "Oh, I wish I was told to do nothing all day... that must be amazing!" REALLY?!? Try it. BE IN BED ALL DAY. Only get up to go to the bathroom. You can't shower, you can't get your own food, you can't go find a book, change the DVD in the DVD player, nothing. You literally can only get up to go to the bathroom and try to keep that to a minimum (but also stay hydrated...). I did that for two months. Trust me, not a fun time.

Anyway, things are plugging along here in the house. I have some sewing to finish up, hopefully before Sunday, but who knows. I have a plush train set that goes along with a quilt for Sawyer that I'm trying to finish. I hate sewing it though... it is a big pain. I'm also not sure how I'm going to hook all the train cars together, so those two factors are slowing me down. I did give Weston his present from me the other day (since we do Christ-ma-kah in the house, we open presents all week) which was a new iPhone case with Sawyer's picture on it. It is pretty amazing. When it came in the mail, I liked it so much I ordered myself one with a different picture.

I also finished up a group baby blanket for a friend on Ravelry. It turned out rather cute. I will post pictures after I know she has received it.... (taking it to the post office today)

My class samples still aren't done. (wah-wah) The turtle only needs eyes, and the halibut should be a quick-ish knit. Just need to start it. Geez. Why can't I just have a few days where time stops but somehow I am able to just KNIT. I guess I should get on that instead of talking about all the things I should be doing.... off to do that...

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