Monday, June 6, 2011

The Other Side

Sawyer is now sleeping on his own in his crib (well, the pack-n-play that we use as his crib).  He has good nights and ok nights. Saturday was a great night, I heard him stir at 8:30 and then not again until 5:30. Last night was ok. He woke up twice and Weston had to go in and remind him it was still bed time.  We have been sleeping in the living room for fear that if he sees us in our bed when he wakes up in the middle of the night he won't go back to sleep.  We are hoping to move him into the other bedroom (aka my craft room) this weekend. We might be attempting to sleep in our own bed tonight.

In knitting news, I have been trying to finish up lingering WIPs. I pulled out the Mud Pie baby blanket that I started when I was pregnant and was able to finish that up this weekend. That made me very happy. I will be storing that for future baby as Sawyer has his Thin Mint blanket and I don't think he needs two knitted blankets that are the same size. I'm thinking of pulling out the hooded baby blanket that just needs a button band and finishing that up too. Maybe I will even bind a quilt this week. Who knows.

Other than that, not too much going on.  There may be a bit more destashing happening as my crafting space is going to move from being a whole room to being a small part of our master bedroom. We'll see what I wind up doing....

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SisuGirl said...

Sleeping thru the night is always a good thing, no matter how old! I can't wait to see/hear what you decided to work on. Good luck with your was hard for me and I had the excuse of moving!