Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Full Plate

I may have taken on a bit too much. I have a lot to do, it seems.  Luckily, most of the "need" to get done stuff is sewing, so it doesn't take as long as knitting, but I made a list the other night before falling asleep and it was a bit daunting. It doesn't help that Sawyer has been napping with me (or rather, I have been napping with Sawyer...) so the 3 hours a day that I am normal in super production mode are gone. (Not that I am complaining. I will never get this time back with my son, and one day, sadly, he will not want to cuddle with me anymore. So, I am cherishing nap time until he is ready to nap on his own again) I'm trying to squeeze in things here and there.  And, I'm also trying to really utilize the time after Sawyer goes to bed.

Anyway, I should have quite a few FOs to show you soon if I can keep my act together and not go insane. :)

In other news, Sawyer is busy growing like a weed.  He is now wearing 12 month clothes. He also is eating more and different foods. He still doesn't have teeth, but enjoys really small pieces of bread and bananas when I am eating. He also loves to get his hands on things he isn't supposed to have (cords and remotes seem to be his favorite) which I think is pretty typical of a baby. He is still adorable and full of love.

In my knitting world, I have been working on a kids sweater that I pulled out of hibernation. I also am working on a colorwork hat for Sawyer. I need to knit my class samples for next quarter, but they all require me to purchase yarn (oh, boo) and I'm having a hard time making decisions about that, as well as actually breaking down and doing it....

Alright, I need to get to work, Sawyer is happily zooming around the house and I'm sure he would like to run into my feet repeatedly...

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