Monday, June 20, 2011

A few FOs

I have been slowly plugging along at my to do list. I have finished some monsters for a trade (pictures of those later, as I want them to be a surprise for the recipient), pillowcases for Father's Day, the yarn I was spinning (well almost, it is still on the wheel, but it is finished), and I am half way through a baby jacket. So, getting there, slowly but surely. Here are some pictures of things that have gotten done....

The mud pie baby blanket I started when I was pregnant. All finished! Blocked, ends woven in... and is now in a box for future babies. 

Weston's pillowcase. He loves prairie points (the little orange triangles), they are all supposed to point one direction, but I don't iron my pillowcases, so they do what they want after coming out of the wash!

Hopefully more pics to come soon!!

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