Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eating Local

As I have mentioned before, I really do my best to shop local.  I am also trying to eat local. When I eat out (which isn't too often) I try to avoid chain restaurants... why give my money to a corporation when I can give my money to a small business?  I have also started to frequent the farmer's markets, and trade friends for things.  We have a few friends who hunt and fish, so we trade them for things we may have.  This gives us fresh food that we don't have to worry about.... we have been enjoying deer tacos the past month.  They were delicious. And today I made chili with some meat that I bought from the farmer's market that was grown in the valley.

I really enjoyed cooking the beef. I normally don't like cooking meat (one of the various reasons we don't eat it that often)... but this meat had very little fat, and didn't smell like meat as it was cooking. It was easy. So hopefully the chili is yummy and I will be motivated to get meat again at the market.

Tonight I am going to a yarn sale at Far North. It is a Solstice Sale.... (yes, it is summer solstice.... sadly, the last day we will be gaining daylight) and I am going with a few projects in mind. I might also bring some yarn there to go into their donation bin so that maybe my stash will stay the same size. :)

Alright, off to try and finish two seams on a baby jacket before afternoon nap time. Happy Solstice.

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