Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a nice little Easter. Sawyer, Weston, and I celebrated at home... Sawyer got a set of blocks made of recycled plastic from an awesome toy store in town, Sweet Adeline's. It is definitely worth checking out. I wanted to buy everything... a lot of things weren't "age appropriate" for Sawyer yet, but he is very advanced and will be ready for the toys soon! :) Anyway, Weston would build something for Sawyer and then Sawyer would destroy it... we called him "Baby Godzilla" Very fun.

We then went to my parent's house for a little while.  My dad had bought him a walker, which Sawyer is almost tall enough for... he can scoot around in it a little bit, but give him a couple of weeks and he will be zooming around the house like a crazy person. My parents really enjoyed spending a few hours with Sawyer. It has been a while since they have seen him, as someone in their house has been sick for the last few weeks...

Other than that, not much going on.  My goal for the day is to write down everything I have in my fiber stash... I have plans for some of it and hope that by going through it and looking at it all that I will come up with an idea with what I want to do with all of it. I also hope to go through my yarn stash again and make sure that everything in there is still something that I want... sometimes things tend to wind up in there that I don't really need. I need to keep making space... soon I would like to move Sawyer into his own room. He is a noisy sleeper (when he does sleep) and it drives me crazy.

Not sure if I mentioned this, but my mom and I are trying something new.  Every Tuesday night (hopefully, tonight is the first night we are getting together) we are planning to get together and craft. My goal is to spend a few hours working on something that is a WIP, hopefully turning it into a FO. Then, if I get enough things done, we might start working on a crocheted afghan.... a long-term WIP, but if we work on it every week, it would, in theory, get finished in a reasonable amount of time...

Alright, have to shower while Sawyer is napping. He does not appreciate me showering when he is up and is quite loud with his displeasure.

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