Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cloth Diapers pt. 2

Just remembered a few more reasons that I use cloth on Sawyer. It has to be more comfortable... would you like to wear paper underwear?? Having worn paper underwear (it's what they sent me home in from the birth center) I must say that cotton is WAY more comfortable. It's also easy, cute, and not wasteful. When Sawyer pees on me when he is being changed, the diaper just goes in the pail, not in the garbage. I didn't waste any money, where as throwing away a diaper could cost up to 25 cents.

Here is a great article about cloth and one of the companies I have ordered from, the Happy Baby Company.  They have excellent customer service.

We are heading to the doctor today to get the go ahead to feed Sawyer. Be on the look out for the update on that in the next couple of days! I might try to get it on video....

PS. Just found another great article on cloth.... maybe the more people see, the more popular it will become!! I love my cloth diapers!!!

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