Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh, mom...

I am guilty of dressing my son in crazy outfits and making him do baby photo shoots... I figure this is the only time I will be able to do this, as soon, when he can move, he will just run away or fight back.

This was one of the pictures from the shoot yesterday. It's not the best one, but it is one of my favorites because it shows how Sawyer is learning to play with things. It is really fun. He is very good at reaching and grabbing things that he wants to grab... and then putting them in his mouth. Soon (next week!) he is going to be able to start eating food, which I am SUPER excited about. It is going to be quite the messy and fun adventure. 

The hat Sawyer is wearing is one that I knit for him. I made up the pattern. There are pipe cleaners running up the sides of the ears to keep them upright. Weston is obsessed with how awesome he thinks Sawyer looks in this hat, and I'm pretty sure he will be wearing it everywhere he goes this month. 

In other news, I finished spinning my swap yarn and it made it's way into the mail today. I am now spinning for the Little Mermaid SAL that I am in... my batts are Sebastian, the crab... they are red, yellow, and sparkly and I love them! I will see what happens with them... I was planning on autowrapping them with gold thread, but that didn't work out, so then I was thinking of plying them with some yellow yarn I have... so we will see if I do that, or leave it as a single. 

Not too much sewing being done, and I kind of have an excuse... we had a new water heater put in yesterday. And it is in my craft closet. So, I need to find space for a bunch of stuff that used to live in the closet.... Not too much knitting either. I was really focused on finishing my swap yarn, as that had a deadline. 

I will leave you with two more pictures from Sawyer's various photo shoots. Sometimes the rejected pictures are my favorites....

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