Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, this baby was just a little too excited about joining our awesome life... I was admitted to the hospital on Monday for pre-term labor. I was between 1-2 cm dilated and having contractions that I couldn't feel. So I was on bed rest and monitoring for a while. They gave me some meds to stop all the stuff, and it worked, so I was able to come home yesterday. I'm still on super bed rest, I can only get up to go to the bathroom and I am only allowed to sit completely upright for 20 mins a day while eating. And I can shower and go to my dr appointments. But that is it. Nothing else. I'm in bed. All the time. Luckily, I can knit. What would I do if I didn't knit?!?

Baby is excited to be home, so much happier.... I don't think Baby liked being on the monitors at the hospital and was starting to protest by sleeping all day and moving whenever they were trying to find the heartbeat. Since I have been home, Baby has been having a party! They were telling me how to do kick counts if I was concerned about fetal movement, but that shouldn't be a problem if this keeps up. :) I also know the baby likes to be around W and the pups. Always gets excited when W gets home and talks with me.

The pups are glad to have me home, but confused on why I'm so lazy. Granted, it is only day 1 of being home (well, I was home part of yesterday...) but they are doing pretty well. W gets up and walks them before he heads to work so they don't go too crazy. They have been taking turns laying in bed with me, which is sweet.

The verdict is that I have to be on super bed rest until 34 weeks, which is 5 weeks from yesterday. Then, if all is still going well, I might be able to do a few more things... not like before, but I might be able to leave the house on an errand or something... So I probably won't be posting too much... nothing too exciting should be happening. I will hopefully be getting a lot of knitting done, so there may be some FO pics, but we will see. I'm just glad to be home and still pregnant. My job right now is to lay around and gestating, so that is what I will be doing. And knitting... knitting, knitting, knitting.....

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Allison said...

Rest up and enjoy this quiet peacefulness while it lasts!