Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knitting in Bed

Today marks day 8 of bed rest, whew! This is a bit exhausting. BUT, if I only have to do it for 5 weeks, I'm already 20% done, so that's not too bad. And, tomorrow I get to go to the Dr! Never thought I would be so excited to go to the dr (well, midwife tomorrow), but it will be the first time I have left the house in a week, so that will be awesome. No pictures yet, but here is what I have finished so far (and will hopefully get W to help me take pictures tonight)

*Bitty Cabled Cardigan (small newborn size, hoping baby is too big for it when it is born and that it will become a donation item) in an amazing yarn from A Tree Hugger's Wife. It is a simple superwash merino, but OMG it is so squishy. I'm in love. When she gets back from vacation, I might have to order more... (well, this was a gift from her, so I guess order SOME... either way, I need more)

*The first of W's pair of socks. And he is in love with it. I am too. Not as much as him, because I was a annoyed that I didn't start the toe sooner and wanted to rip it back but he told me, "No, I like it like this, just sew it up right now and it will be perfect"... so I did. :) Less work for me, and we are both happy

*Karla's hat (which I won't have a picture of because she took it home last night) which she loved. And, she has taken up knitting and recently knit herself a pair of mittens out of very similar yarn, so now she has a matching winter set!!

*A turtle toy (which I'm on the last part of the shell right now and still needs to be stuffed and seams together, but it is only 8 and I'm sure I will be done before bed.) I knit this out of some baby alpaca yarn that was in my stash from when a yarn store in Wasilla went out of business. I couldn't turn down a good price on alpaca, and I knew I would find SOMETHING to do with it (which normally I don't, so I am pretty proud of myself) and it is just perfect. I love the colors for the turtle and he is so soft... I will just have to make sure to keep it away from the dogs.

The one bad thing about knitting in bed, is the way I have to lay to be comfortable (which is a relative term at this point) makes it hard for me to knit without my elbow hurting because of the angle it has to be bent at, which makes me take too many breaks for my taste. So, I'm not nearly as productive as I could be if I could just sit up, but that is not what I'm supposed to be doing, so I'm not. I am being very good. Probably better than a good number of people who get put on bed rest, so I am proud of myself. A great example of how good I'm doing: today a package was dropped of at my house before 10 am. I did not get up to get it, even though it is about 5 extra steps to the front door as it is to the bathroom. BUT, I waited until almost 1 when my mom came by with lunch and she brought me the package... so there....

I have been listening to an audio book all week, which I was loving. It is nice to be able to "read" and knit at the same time. But, I finished it this morning and don't have any others, so I have moved on to podcasts. If you have any suggestions for podcasts you love, let me know, because I pretty much spend 6 hrs a day by myself (not all at once, someone visits to feed me for lunch in the middle of the day) so I have plenty of time to listen! I might have W move my TV from my sewing room into the bedroom tonight. I can lay on the couch, but it isn't nearly as comfy, and he normally likes me to hang out with him out there when he is home, so I like to save my couch time for the evening.

Dogs are still doing well with me not being able to take care of them. Actually, surprisingly well. They take turns laying with me during the day, which is sweet. And, wow, this is a long post considering I have pretty much been doing nothing. I am going to go finish that turtle now and ask nicely for W to help me take pictures so I can show you tomorrow!!


Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Go Sally!! You are being a very good mama doing bedrest just like you should!

Jess said...

My favorite podcasts are "This American Life" and "Stuff you Missed in History Class." You can get pretty much all the NPR stuff online now, and listening to the "Planet Money" podcast they produce already makes me feel super smart.

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear you are ok! do they know why you went into preterm labor? i am due the first week of october and am a knitter and have been enjoying your blog for a while now. best of luck!

Sally said...

No idea why I went into preterm labor, but that is all over now! I guess sometimes it just happens... who knows.