Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random, short post

A random conversation I had with W this morning...

Me: I'm kind of mad that I've lost all of my hair rubber bands... now I can't pull my hair up.
W: Lost all of them? I find them everywhere. Yesterday I found one in my shoe!
Me: Did you put it somewhere that I can find it? Can I use it?
W: No! I threw it away! They are everywhere...
Me: Well, that isn't very much help.

I think this is a pretty good snapshot of my life. Neither of us was mad, in fact, it was quite a humorous conversation. I thought it was funny that a rubber band had made it into his shoe. But, I think this is how W feels about a lot of my stuff... it is everywhere... it gets everywhere... I tend to not clean up after myself... (For example, right now, on the coffee table I have one GIANT bag of yarn for a baby sweater, the leftover yellow yarn from the baby sweater, leftover orange yarn from the turtle toy, and my current WIP baby sweater... oh and two knitting books.) Moving on....

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