Thursday, August 26, 2010


As we learned yesterday, I am a process knitter. Also, I am typically not a monogamous knitter. (Which W asked me this morning if that was a "real thing" of if I was making it up) Although, lately, I have been rather monogamous. I will start AND finish something. Weird. Maybe because I have so much more knitting time? (Not being able to leave the house or really get up and do anything does lead to a lot of knitting time) Maybe I'm nesting? (Which, I don't really think is true... I don't feel a need to get these things done, they just happen to get done.) Who knows. But it is driving me crazy. I don't like being monogamous... as a knitter anyway.

I have dreams of start-itis. I have the yarn for three projects sitting next to me begging to be put on the needles. Somehow, it is still just sitting there. I want to have different projects to choose from. And, I need something that doesn't have a ton of finishing to work on... the things I have finished lately have too much finish work to them and I do not like finish work. So today, I will cast on the second of W's socks. (Can you believe that!?! I only just finished the first one like a week ago... this is monumental!) The finish work of a sock... weave in the ends. Easy, peasy. I also want to cast on the colorwork baby sweater... my awesome friend picked up the yarn from the shop for me since I can't go anywhere... and it is amazing, and I think the sweater will be even more amazing.... AND I want to cast on this felted sheep bag. I did a practice swatch for it last week and while it turned out fine after the felting, I hated the knitting of it. So, I have devised a way to make it easier for me to knit and do less finishing, both of which make me happy. Plus, it will look better pre-felting, and since I don't really want to felt it that much, I think this will be better in the long run. So that is the plan. Forced start-itis. Because if this whole monogamy thing keeps up, I will have a lot of FOs but I will be crazy. I can't take it much longer.

Alright, off to go eat lunch. W took today off of work to work on the shed, so he is making me some food and then I'm going to go enjoy the sunshine... the weather people say it is supposed to start raining again tomorrow, so get out while you can!!

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