Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Political Parties

Aren't parties supposed to be fun??

Today is the primary election here in Alaska, and there one of our Senate seats is up for re-election. Did you know that Senators are in office for SIX years?? Holy cow. This is important stuff. The big showdown is who will get the republican nomination, Lisa Murkowski (the incumbent) or Joe Miler (the Tea Party supported candidate).  I'm sure there are people running for the Democratic nomination, but that always takes the sidelines here in AK.

Let me just say, I will be happy when it is tomorrow. I am so tired of all the political TV ads, and I haven't even been watching that much TV!! I have been in bed and I maybe watch an hour at night right around the news. It seems every commercial is telling me who to vote for (or why I shouldn't vote for someone) and it is annoying.

I don't really like primary elections, because you have to choose what ballot you are going to vote on, either the Democratic ballot or the Republican ballot. And Republicans have a closed primary, meaning that unless you are registered Republican, Independent, or Undeclared, you can't choose their ballot.... which I have issues with, but I am Undeclared for that very reason. I wanted the opportunity to choose any ballot I want. I wish I could vote on both of them, and I kind of don't understand why I can't do that...

I'm not going to get all political and say how I plan on voting, but I do think it is very important to vote. Voting is one of the many freedoms that we enjoy, and that others have fought and died to defend. I am a die hard voter. Give me something to vote for, and I will go vote. I believe in the democratic system and want my voice to be heard.

So, get out and vote. The weather isn't stopping you! :)

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