Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Public vs. Private Life

The past two days I have been home to watch the Today show, and I have decided they don't really have too much to report. It seems they spend almost an hour (spaced out over the whole show) discussing Mel Gibson's recent downfall. Not that what he is accused of is ok... I don't think it is ever ok to hit a woman (or most people out of anger... maybe self defense, but not just because you are angry) or call and make threats, BUT I feel a little bit bad for him. EVERYONE on the news is talking about this, playing the recordings of the phone calls, discussing it with "experts", such a public forum... There are a LOT of crazy people out there, and most of them get to be crazy in private, but not Mel. His craziness is headlining news.  And I realize that he chose to be a celebrity, but I just hate how everything that celebrities do is "news". I don't care. I guess other people do, or it wouldn't be reported....

I have a bit of a public life here, but I get to choose what I share. There aren't reporters knocking on my door or recording me on the phone. And, luckily, no one is taking pictures of me getting in and out of cars, because I'm sure that they would see more than they need to. :P

In other news, I made a chocolate cake from scratch last night. It isn't the best... a little dry, but still pretty yummy. The homemade icing really saves it from being a total disaster. I used agave instead of sugar, which may have made a difference. I might make it again using regular sugar and see if that changes the outcome. I do enjoy baking from scratch, I just always forget that I can do that.

My dogs impressed me yesterday. For about a year, I have walked them with gentle leader harnesses. These are harnesses that go over their nose and discourage pulling. The dogs HATE them, but it was the only way I could walk both of them with any type of control. I decided yesterday to give them another shot at "normal" walking. I hooked their leashes straight to their collars and headed out. I knew it would go really well or REALLY badly... They did SO well! I couldn't believe it. I think that they may have finally learned that if they pull, they have to wear their face harness... we will see if the lesson still sticks today. Alright, off to walk the crazy pups.

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