Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just when I thought I had it solved....

You know when you think you have everything figured out and you start to relax?? Well, that is when things start to go haywire. Last night we went to see "Get Him to the Greek" at Bear's Tooth at 10:30. It was pretty funny, but I felt like it was a bit long... (W informed me it was only 1 hour and 40 mins, but to me it felt like 2... who knows...) anyway, we get home and found a nice surprise.

Snickers on the front porch.

WTF Snickers!?! I thought we had your escaping under control. Now I have to worry every time I leave the house again if my dog is going to be here when I get back. Not cool, Snickers, not cool. And, I'm glad he just was on the porch because it was DARK and wet outside. I have no idea when he escaped, or what he did while he was out.  I swear I need a security camera just to keep an eye on the two crazy animals I own. Maybe I should have gotten a baby monitor for them, not the baby. :P

So today the goal is to find the point of escape that Snickers used and barricade it up again... this feels like it is such an ongoing thing, it is crazy. I guess the most annoying part is that we had this solved for quite a while now, and I had not given any thought to leaving the pups outside.... then this....

Other things that have been happening... I knit a pair of felted booties for my stash. They are toddler size and pretty rockin'. Pictures to come later, as I am far too lazy for that right now. I have finished spinning two or three more yarns since the yarns I showed you. One was from a Toy Story SAL I was in, the other two were from my stash. All of them are awesome. I bought this book and want to knit just about everything in it... which is close to 60 projects. I already have decided which project I'm going to start with, a present for a friend who is graduating from Nursing school next week, and I'm knitting presents for my dad and brother out of it for Christmas. Seriously, this book is amazing....

I've actually started writing down my Christmas list. (Not of things I want, but what I want to make people...) I realized the other day that next week is my 28-week prenatal appointment... which means I am 12 weeks away from my due date. That may sound like a lot (hey, that's three months, you have forever) but think about how fast a week goes by.... And it might not be 12 whole weeks. This baby could come early or late... it's so unpredictable. So I'm trying to get as many things done in the next 8 weeks as I can. I start my birthing classes next week, and I think that will help calm me down as well. This is just all so new and I have no idea what to expect.... I'm hoping having some questions answered will help me feel more prepared.

Alright, off to walk the pups and head to work. It's still raining. Maybe August will bring good weather??

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