Friday, July 16, 2010

Growing like a weed....

A lot of things are growing like weeds in my life right now... my baby, my garden, and my to do list.

Baby is doing well. Kicking like a crazy person. I don't understand why it has so much to do in there... sometimes I feel like it is practicing mixed martial arts or something. But, it is fun to feel it move so much.

My garden is out of control!!! I was so excited to find pea pods today!!! I think they will be ready in a few days. And my spinach will be ready for harvest tomorrow (only because I don't feel like doing it tonight). After watching a video online, I learned that the more I harvest it, the more it will grow... so I might be able to get quite a bit of spinach for a while!! Which will be great for salads and things.

I feel like I have a ton to do. Nothing really pressing. More like things I WANT to do. Like knitting, spinning, sewing things. I have recently started to start planning for the holiday season (mostly in my head. It will take a paper form soon) as I realized it is already the middle of JULY and with Baby coming, I might not have quite as much time in November as I normally do.... (people keep informing me that babies take up all of your time.... I keep hoping this is just a vicious rumor and that I will still have time to knit... doubt it though) Luckily, Baby will still be very young during the holiday season and probably won't notice if I don't shower it with presents... (which actually, I am trying to make sure everyone doesn't do, as I don't have room for a ton of things in my house. I would like to have a few meaningful things for my child rather than a lot of pointless plastic things....)

My knitting projects have been slow going. I haven't really touched W's socks... the baby blanket is almost ready to cast off and then do the finish work on. I started a small baby hat, which should have been a quick knit, but when I got to the decreases I realized I had made a mistake. Instead of just finishing it (I was about 4 rows away from the end) I decided to be a good knitter and re-knit it. Of course, the pattern was hard to take back and I wound up ripping all the way to the bottom of the hat. ACK. SO, I'm almost to the point I was again, and then I realized I made ANOTHER mistake! WTF?!? I was able to drop the stitch down and fix it (I had forgotten a YO) which made me feel like a very smart knitter. But, now the hat is taking a break. I can't believe this project isn't done. So, I think I'm going to need to knit a project that isn't on size 2 needles next. Maybe a nice chunky hat or something equally as rewarding.

W is informing me it is time to get in the car now, so I guess I better head out...

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