Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

So, I had a busy weekend working at the Fiber Festival! It was very fun to get to talk with people and be around such inspiration. I didn't make a ton of money, but I did sell a few things (enough to pay for my booth and then some) which was fun! I came home with a lot of yarn and fiber, which will be listed in my shop this week. Some of it will only be for sale for a short period, as I REALLY want to knit something with it, but I have SO much yarn, it is a bit out of control... so I should try to sell it and let someone else love it.... But I do know that when the time comes, if it is still in the shop, it will become something for me! :)

My room is a bit of a mess from all of the craziness of getting ready over the past week. I did rotary cut my finger while trying to finish up some project bags. It wasn't too bad, but it was the first quilting injury I had encountered. Which is quite impressive since I have been quilting for almost 6 years. That may be a safety record for me!! Maybe I need one of those signs in my room "X number of days since last injury"... it seems to be the only safe thing I do! My goal for the evening is to get everything in the house cleaned up and some resemblance of calm brought back to the house.

Today was definitely a Monday. When I got to work (in the nick of time even though I didn't have to be there until 12) the heat was out and it was chilly. 61* inside. Brrr. So they brought us a portable heater and we were all huddled around it unless we were working. Then because the heat guy was up in the ducts, dust kept falling on the counter. So, we got up and tried to vacuum the vent, which resulted in us blowing the fuse on the power strip and shutting off all of the computers.  Then the credit card machine decided it didn't want to work. Awesome. Luckily, we weren't overly busy and everyone was very nice about all of our mishaps, which isn't always the case.

Also, if anyone has any pull with the post office, specifically the one in Federal Way, WA (which I'm sure there is more than one, but I can't be more specific) if you could ask them to PLEASE mail my package to AK, I would greatly appreciate it.  For some reason it has been hanging out there since the 4th. And it is stuffed full of fiber-y goodness, including my Pirate SAL fiber, which I don't even know what it looks like... it is killing me that I don't have my hands on it yet! SO, if you see my package, send it my way.... at this point I might be offering a reward!

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