Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A note about dogs...

I can tell it is spring. How? Well, people besides me and the lady down the street are out walking their dogs.  I'm glad that people have decided that because it is warm (40*F) they can go outside and exercise their dogs. I do feel bad that these dogs don't get to go out in the winter time though.... I wonder how these dogs don't drive their owners crazy... Frito barks in my face if I'm even 30 mins late walking him...

Another thing I find interesting about dog walks is encountering other dogs. I don't mind if people have their dogs on a leash or not, as long as their dog is under control, I don't care. I keep my dogs on a leash because they don't listen, not because they are mean. It is funny to encounter dogs off leash when my dogs are on leashes... the people seem to panic that I'm going to freak out on them. And I don't really blame them, some people are CRAZY about that stuff.

This post is not nearly as focused as it was in my mind. Anyway, my point is I think if you have a dog it is important to take care of it. Walking my dogs is one of my favorite parts of the day. When I do it alone, it is a nice workout. When I do with W it is the time of the day that we can talk and discuss different things that are going on in our lives. And, the dogs love it.

I'm going to go enjoy a bowl of cereal, the rest of the show Parenthood, and then head to bed. I hope everyone has a good week! Tomorrow is Wednesday, so you are half way to the weekend!

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