Monday, February 22, 2010

Picture Tour

Many of you may remember, my craft room used to be a bit out of control. The door was always kept closed. It was stressful to be in... here was the view that I saw when I walked in:

Crazy, right?!? I don't know how I let it get that bad, or even how I found anything. (Ok, actually, I do know how it got that bad... I never put ANYTHING away. I would just put things in there and close the door.  And I couldn't find anything, which was a constant annoyance to me.)

Now, here is the view from the door:

WHAT!?! I had carpet? I had to move EVERYTHING out of the room to clean the carpets a few weeks ago, and when I put it back in I was determined to have a functional room.  I measured everything, drew pictures of what I wanted, and went to work. It is now a functioning room that I can have the door open and be seen by other people. It is a bit messy in these pictures because I have a project going. This is it messy. I'm so happy!

In these 10 baskets are all of my yarn and fiber. The yarn is sorted by weight. I have wanted to get baskets for these shelves since we moved in, and I was very happy to finally find the perfect ones this January. 

This is the other half of the closet. All of my stamping supplies... and *cough* ignore the pile of unfinished quilts over in that corner... this could still use some work, but the fact that I can SEE everything is a big improvement. 

This shelf has all of my business stuff, dyes, and fabric scraps on it. 

All of my fabric is stored in this dresser. It is all sorted by size, and has tags sewn on it that says how big each piece is. I have even continued to do this with the new pieces I have been buying... not that I needed more fabric... and on the windowsill there (hard to see because of the sun) are mason jars full of zippers, buttons, and knitting needles. 

My sewing table. Note the big ball of green yarn that needs to be untangled.... Frito thought it was a play toy. Luckily, it was still in a hank, so I think I will be able to fix it with little trouble. 

And...lastly, I can leave my ironing board up! This is amazing. On the board is my project that I am currently working on... and what I need to get back to today. :)

So there you have it, a picture tour of my new, improved crafting STUDIO. It has been great having a room that I can work in. I'm loving it. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! We're hoping to buy a house later this spring and I'm hoping to have a nice craft-y space there, though I definitely don't have as much going on as you do in my craft world!