Monday, February 22, 2010

Alaska Weather

I don't like to complain about the weather. (Not that I am immune, but even as I am doing it, I think... I don't like this...) Mostly because I think it is silly to complain about things you have no control over... I realize the weather is something that everyone can talk about, because everyone experiences it. But, I also hate small talk, sooo basically, I'm not really a fan of talking about the weather.  I love winter. I like summer. I HATE break up. People have been looking forward to summer, as it has been extra warm around here lately. I would be all for it, if I had a guarantee that summer was as great as last year, but I know better. I know summer will probably be more normal, meaning one sunny day a week if we are lucky, and mostly rain or the chance of rain. I don't really care for rain, because unlike snow, you can't shake it off and stay dry. I figured I would share some Alaska weather facts with you.... maybe it will cheer some people up...

Average Jan. temperatures: High 24 Low 5
Average Feb. temperatures: High 25 Low 11
Average March temperatures: High 32 Low 19

This Feb. has been more on par with March, or even April average temperatures. Also, we normally have at least a week of sub zero temperatures in the winter, and that did not make an appearance this year. So overall, a pretty mild winter. And I can tell every day we are gaining more light.... it is pretty amazing that it is light enough for me to walk the dogs at 8:30 instead of 10, and it is still light at 6! Crazy.  So cheer up, Alaskans! You live in the best state of the Union... and although the weather is unpredictable, hopefully you love it here. You should only live somewhere you love.

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