Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic Questions

So as I have been watching the Olympics (NOT often enough, thanks NBC... still don't understand why I live so close, yet I don't see anything live...) I have been thinking about a few things. Just figured I would post them here in case anyone knows the answers... I'm sure if I spent some time, I could figure it out, but really, who has time for that?? :)

* Do you think the athletes train differently for sports that are judged vs. those that are strictly timed? Do you think they have to do research into what each judge looks for?? I'm sure that the judges have guidelines, but they are people and I'm sure they also have preferences and certain things "tickle" them.

*What do the other people in the bobsled do besides push? Or are they just along for the ride?

*Why do speed skaters wear sunglasses?

I'm sure I had other ones, but they have slipped my mind. Today Fur Rondy started, which is exciting! I love to Rondy! My favorite things include the snow sculptures and the dog weight pull. I love watching the running of the reindeer, but sadly, I have to work during that this year. :( I am going to be doing a spinning demonstration tomorrow for Fur Rondy! Hopefully encourage some new people to learn to spin... I have yet to decide what I was going to take to spin... I will have to dig through and see what I have.

Oh, and since my Ravelympics bid was ruined (thanks, Frito!) I am going to be doing Iditaknit... which is starting and finishing a project during the Iditarod. Much more Alaskan and therefore much more amazing. :) I actually am thinking of doing the same project, with sock weight yarn... I have a great green alpaca that I have been dying to knit. We will see...

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