Sunday, February 21, 2010

NBC... ugh

So, I have a gripe with NBC.  (Which I know is surprising, since I only watch NBC, and normally only Thursday nights, but still...moving on) WHY AREN'T YOU BROADCASTING THE OLYMPICS?!? There should be non-stop coverage on. It only happens once every two years, and you can only show me 3 hrs a night? SERIOUSLY? What is up with that? And you know that none of your other shows are really doing that well. Your commercials tell me that you have high hopes for after the Olympics (Parenthood, the Marriage Ref, etc.) but you are alienating your viewers right NOW. I don't want to watch re-runs of Monk, or Dodgeball. While both are fine, I want to see the Olympics... even the weird sports like curling. I hear there are some crazy pants being worn...

In knitting news, my Knitting Olympics shawl will not be done. Lace is incredibly time consuming. It is a super simple knit (just stockinette) but whew... I can knit for hours and get less than an inch done. I am happy to report that I am actually liking how it is looking now, which was not always the case.  Also, my double knitting is coming along. I have decided to knit the cheese head hat instead of the Tapestry cowl. I think I already explained why. In case I didn't, to sum it up...  I like hats. I don't really wear hats, but I like to knit them.

We took the pups to the dog park yesterday, which went well.  Snickers did pretty ok listening. He could have done better, but he has also done far worse. I was just happy to make it home with all of the dogs and no major issues while we were there. They had a good time, and it was fun to see them run around.

THE CAMERA CHARGER HAS BEEN FOUND! So maybe tonight, I will post great new pictures of my newly cleaned craft room. It will blow your mind. I am loving it. Alright, have to go teach knitting... have a great Sunday!

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