Sunday, May 3, 2009

Package Party!

I'm a big fan of ordering things on the internet. I love getting packages, and crafting, so ordering fun crafty stuff on the internet satisfies both of these. This past week I have gotten a crazy amount of packages. Let's outline them for your viewing pleasure.

An order from Calizona Designs. I had gotten an awesome sample package from her in my March PhatFiber box and had been waiting to use my $10 gift certificate for something cool. Then I ran across the black and pink sock yarn and knew I HAD to have it. I also ordered some of her Cowgirl chapstick and because I had entered a contest on her blog I also got FREE lip gloss! AMAZING. I was really happy with the products and can NOT wait to knit some pink and black socks!

I got a HUGE order of yarn from Twice Sheared Sheep. I also found out about this shop from PhatFiber and pretty much stalk it. I love looking at the new yarns she posts in her shop. She also makes some GORGEOUS stitch markers. I don't really use stitch markers that often, but it probably won't be too long before some of those make it to my house as well.

A few moths ago I ordered a special dog treat canister with Frito's picture on it and it came this weekend. It is pretty much amazing. It is made of nice heavy ceramic and now sits on the window sill in the kitchen. Too funny.

I also got a big shipment of yarn to dye which is making it very hard to go to school. I really want to stay home and concentrate on my summer plans instead of working. Luckily, I only have 14 days of school left! Whoo-hoo.

It has been gorgeous outside. I'm talking 60* or above during the day and SUNNY. I've got a bit of a sunburn and yesterday I actually had to come inside because I was getting too warm. And it is only May. I'm very hopeful for the summer.

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leah said...

Lots of exciting stuff! I'm hoping this summer makes up for last summer, too!