Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SS09 and more fun links!

Yesterday was registration for Sock Summit, and boy was it CRAZY! The IT people did not expect a million knitters to be going crazy for this, even though the Yarn Harlot told them it would happen. Now they know she is for real. After they fixed the server, I was able to sign up and got into all of the classes I wanted. I was SUPER lucky. I am going to sit in the same room as the Yarn Harlot for three hours while she tells me how to knit with speed and efficiency. I can NOT wait. I'm also going to the opening night dinner, sock hop, and the luminary panel, all of which sound amazing. I'm going with my two knitting friends and I am super excited. I feel so grown up going on a trip just because I want to. Anyway. If you are going to Sock Summit, be sure to find us and say hi.

I thought I would post some more links to the Etsy shops that were featured in my Phat Fiber box. I didn't want to overwhelm the last post with links, so here are some more for your viewing pleasure.

The Mud and Clay sample that was pure alpaca roving and delcioious. (I just discovered it is Roo from Moonwood Farm, another fav! She is very talented.)

The pastel colored batt from Desired Haven Farm. I thought it was really neat that it was dyed with Easter egg dye. I can't wait to spin this up, as it has some interesting naps and bits in it that I think will be fun. (Really, REALLY need a spinning wheel)

The red and white milk fiber. If you have never felt milk fiber, get some NOW. It is AMAZING. I could not believe how soft and lofty it was. My sample came from Serendipity Fiber Arts (I love the word Serendipity...and the movie...and John Cusack).

Another one of the red samples, Romney Locks from Bohemian Knitter Chic. I like that the tag told me a bit about the animal that it came from (it liked to roll in the mud!) as I always find that information interesting. She has quite the array of items for sale in her shop, so go check it out!

The bright yellow roving came from Infinity Yarn and Fiber. I have gotten a sample from them before and had a friend spin it up and I loved it. Someday it will become a pair of baby booties.

The blue roving that was made up of superwash merino and firestar came from Corgi Hill Farm. I love this shop. When I get a wheel (!) I will definately be getting some roving from here. She has beautiful colors and I love that almost everything in her shop sparkles. Plus, she has the cutest dogs!

My last fiber sample came from Wild Hare Fiber Studio. It was really neat that she included a little felted item, that could be turned into a button or pin, in her sample. There is a very wide variety of items in her shop, so I'm sure you will find something that you can't leave without!

The catnip mousies pattern was designed by Diane Hall of Kalamazoo Knits. There are patterns on there for everyone, including felted flip-flops, which I heard at Knit Night on Friday were all the rage in the "Lower 48".

And last, but not least, the pattern of the Garden Bracelet was from Katherine Vaughan Designs. Check out her site for free patterns, and patterns for purchase. And it is also her blog, so you might learn a little about her in the process!

Whew! That should give you enough eye candy to make it through the rest of the week. I am going to probably be missing for a few days....I am having my wisdom teeth out in about 3 hours. I hope it goes well. I'm a bit nervous, as I am not the best dental patient (which is putting it lightly). My dentist assures me this will be fine. So have a great rest of the week, and hopefully I will be up and running in no time!


Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Great post and good luck today!!

leah said...

We're all pulling for you! I mean, not literally, your dentist is doing the real pulling, but we all hope you do okay!