Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ok, I admit it...

I am a terrible blog poster. A few posts ago I said, "My goal is to post about crafty things twice a week, then I will actually craft twice a week"....well, we can all see that has fallen by the wayside. And I am truly sorry. I love to read blogs, and I don't enjoy when my favorite blogs go dormant, so I probably shouldn't do that either. (Because in my dream world, my blog is a favorite to a lot of people)

ANYWAY. Blame it on the weather. It has been SO gorgeous outside, it is crazy. I am tan. I am warm. I am LOVING it. I spend probably at least an hour a night in the hammock, sometimes more. It is starting to get absurd. I did do some knitting on the socks I am working on last night in a lame attempt to make myself feel productive.

Some exciting news. 1. Only 6 days of school left with students! 7 days as a teacher left in my near future. Who knows what I will do next year.... 2. My WendyKnits book came, so I am looking forward to learning to knit Toe Up Socks! After just glancing at it, the directions look incredibly clear and there are TONS of great pictures, so I am confident in my ability to do it myself.

That is really about it. I'm drained from school...the end of the year is TOUGH. Kids are tired, I'm tired. No one wants to do anything but whine and get on my nerves. Good thing tomorrow is Thursday. It takes a lot to get me down on a Thursday. Even my students come in and let me know it is Thursday because it is my FAVORITE day of the week. Why Thursday you ask? Thursday is so full of promise. The weekend is just one day away. You are busy making fun plans. On a good Thursday, it is sunny and warm. I normally treat myself to lunch on Thursday for making it through the week. And The Office is on. Great. So since tomorrow is the season finale of all of my favorite shows (the only two hours the TV is on in my house is on Thursday...) I plan on making tomorrow AMAZING. I'm even making homemade ice cream. Oh yeah.

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