Friday, May 8, 2009

My dogs, the escape artists

I swear, the dogs work together to make my life crazier. Today I'm trying to relax after a LONG, crazy week at school and the dogs start barking. No big deal...I'm still enjoying my hammock. Then I see Frito jumping on the fence by the gate. No sooner do I get up to tell him to get down does Snickers get out. He used the hole that Frito made with his fat body (our neighbors have a very flimsy chain link fence. We have a wood fence that buts up to it, but we need to do the sides so things like this do not happen) to squirm his way out to the front yard. So I bolt into the house, grab a pair of shoes, and run to get him. When I open the front door...

Snickers runs in. As if he was waiting for me. Like nothing had happened.


P.S. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of you teachers out there!

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