Sunday, April 5, 2009

What I've been up to...

I realized that I haven't been posting about my crafting life. So here is what I have been doing:

Knitting circles around socks! While this may look like a tangled mess, it is actually a PAIR of socks being knitted on two circular needles. This is my first time knitting two socks at a time, and I love it. It is also my first time using AddiTurbo needles, and I am impressed. Wasn't sure that I was going to like them, since I am hopelessly devoted to bamboo (and I've heard that they do make bamboo, so I may be hunting for those soon) but the cord on these circulars is amazing. I'm definitely sold on them. And glad that I bought 6 pairs in different sizes the other night...

Crocheting a sweater. Yup, I can crochet. And I love how quick it is. I normally don't love things that are crocheted though, which makes me not do it too often. I am crocheting the sweater "Frou Frou" out of "Stitch N' Bitch: The Happy Hooker" and I am pretty happy with it. Love the yarn (a Cascade 200 heather in a teal color) and I love the pattern. I am going to change it a bit, as I don't like the edging on the sleeves, but that will be a simple modification and not a big deal. (After typing this paragraph, I am concerned that I spelled crocheted if it is spelled wrong, please excuse my poor spelling. I have a very hard time with spelling...)

And I checked some new books out from the library. Both just have a few patterns that I was interested in. The new gloves and mittens book has some cool patterns, but I know that I would never knit them. They don't seem very practical to me. Probably because I live in a climate that I actually NEED to wear gloves 8 months out of the year to prevent frostbite.

Alright, I have to go get ready for the day. We get to deliver Maverick back to his house today! Having three dogs is a bit too much. They are all nuts.

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