Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things I love

1. Being so close to summer I can taste it. I think I am down to less that 30 days with students.
2. Knitting socks on two circular needles. Got some more knitting done while waiting at the car wash and the tire change place.
3. My new hair cut. Pictures to come later. I was pretty sure bangs would be a bad life choice, but I went for them anyway. I think I like them pretty well. I think after about two weeks I will love it.....
4. Credit Union 1. I opened up my checking account today for my big summer plans (more on that to come...) and got everything I needed in 30 mins. Including my debit card. They print it right there. Amazing. They were very helpful.
5. Yarn. I watched the new PhatFiber videos last night and was SUPER excited and can't wait to hopefully get my hands on a box.
6. Spenard Roadhouse. Yum.

So my new goal is to post three times a week about my crafting. This will force me to craft at least three times a week. I sometimes find that a whole day can go by and I did nothing but eat candy and read on the internet. I need to detach myself from the computer and get some stuff done! Today, I was able to knit quite a few rounds on my socks while waiting to get my tires changed. This past weekend I finished my Easter chicks for some babies and they were a HUGE hit. Corbin thought it was fun to make them "play together" which meant he was going to smash them together. It was quite amusing to me. I was excited that someone was excited about them as I was.

Break up is officially here. I hate the smell of break up....rotting leaves and dog poop just don't do it for me. But the dogs are finding tons of toys they had lost under the snow, so that is exciting for them.

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