Monday, April 20, 2009

My Roomba may be trying to take over...

Scene: A sunny Monday afternoon. I had a long day at work so had mixed myself a drink (yummy AK vodka and OJ) and was going to enjoy the sun out in the back yard. All was good. The I decided to get crazy. I should rake, I thought. That is when it started to get ugly.

I go inside to put on appropriate raking footwear. While by the front door I notice it was left unlocked and flip the deadbolt. I wouldn't want crazies wondering into my house when I'm not in it! Then I wonder back outside to start to rake. I walk into the yard and realize I forgot to grab the shed key. Walk back to the sliding door doesn't budge. I pull again harder. Nope, nothing. Then I see it. The big wooden stick that we use to lock the sliding glass door (the handle lock is flimsy and depending on the weather doesn't work) is in the track. The roomba is backing slowly away from the crime to erase its tracks. But I know it did it.

I start by calling my husband.

Me: "The Roomba locked me out."
W: "What?!? How in the world did that happen? Are you sure?"
M: "Yes, I'm sure...hear me pulling? The door is locked."
W: "Well, don't break the door."
M: "Does anyone else have a key to the house?"
W: "No one but Josh" (who is sitting beside NEVADA!)
M: "Great...."

Then I decide I should call all of our relatives just to check and see if we did give them a key. Nope. We have a bunch made. In the junk drawer. Inside the house.

Luckily, my IPhone saved the day. I used it to find a locksmith to come and let me back into my house. So here is my plug for them, because they were quick and amazing and didn't even charge me for after-hours work even though they weren't able to get me in until 5:30 (apparently those anti-pick locks can be a bitch).

Alaska Locksmith is awesome! Call them for all of your locksmith-ing needs. (907)-243-0822

And that is how my Roomba locked me out of my house.

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Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Oh no! Aww so sorry you Monday was so crazy!! Bad roomba!